Ms. Julie, Asian Equities

ms. julie, asian equities

by Leegrid Stevens
directed by Ryan Pointer
with Tiffany Abercrombie, A.M. Munar, Erin Treadway

Set Design: Carolyn Mraz
Light Design: Simon Cleveland
Prop Design: Justin Cox
Sound Deisgn: Leegrid Stevens
Costume Design: B.J. Evans and Ryan Pointer


The intimacy and outstanding performances from the three-person cast made it an unforgettable new experience.” – Charles Quitter,

Performed April 8 – May 2, 2015

Ms. Julie, Asian Equities was staged in a studio apartment converted into a theater. Featuring a fully-realized design and just 20 seats per night – experience one of the great classics of the theater, updated for today and presented in the most intimate of settings.


On an evening of holiday parties at investment bank HadleyMoore, Julie Harper – Director of Equity Sales – decides to forgo wine and cocktails with coworkers at a nearby club and opts to stay on the trading floor for chips and beer with the bank’s maintenance staff. Her desire to cut loose for a night leads her to Juan, a janitor for the firm. After some innocent flirting turns to something more serious, both Julie and Juan find themselves faced with a crisis of choice and consequence.

Ms. Julie, Asian Equities takes August Strindberg’s classic play and updates it for the 99% and the 1%, with the sexual politics and class warfare fully intact. What happens when you decide to see how the other half lives? And is it possible to still rise to the top when you’ve reached the very bottom?

Script and video available upon request